About us:

Dohuk Company establishment is the result of the desire of a group of different specializations Engineers, to ensure the best quality implementation of projects and according to the most famous universal specifications.

Dohuk Company is depending on young and full energy elements with the highest level of experience.

Dohuk Company participated actively in the process of reconstruction Kurdistan region - Northern Iraq with United Nations Agencies and under the Security Council Resolution (SCR-986) in different sides, through providing UN-agencies by different specializations Engineers on a side and participating in the progress of reconstruction directly though contracts (Designing and/or implementing) on the other side.

Also Dohuk Company participated in different private projects in order to give the region cities the civilization features.

After liberation war of Iraq, Dohuk Company knew that the tasks on its staff shoulders became larger therefore It worked to expand its dealing horizons to include other countries in different continents for supplying all the necessary materials (especially all the material which have relation with the electricity power networks).

Dohuk Company is build on three major columns and they as follows:
1. Civil Construction Department
2. Engineering Designs Department
3. EDP & Communications Department

The staff of each one of the above-mentioned departments are working as an integrate team to the other departments staff on such a way that the results come as desired.

 It is necessary to explain that Dohuk Company is ready to cooperate with any company or agency to serve our region and Iraq in order to bandage the passed wounds then to push it ahead to reach level of the most modern countries in the whole of the earth.